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Rhode Island Basketball Coaches Association


President - Henry Coleman

Vice President - Richard Grenier

Secretary - Sean Kelly

Treasurer - T.J. Ciolfi

Parliamentarian - Kent Crooks




The name of the organization shall be the Rhode Island Basketball Coaches Association (RIBCA). 

Herein, it shall be called the Association.



Section 1.   To provide guidance and assistance to its members within the Organization and with other organizations. 


2.   To maintain a continuous communication channel among coaches.


3.   To provide an instrument through which basketball athletes (managers, scorers, et al)

may receive their just rewards for their achievements in the Rhode Island Interscholastic League


4.   To provide standardization and fairness in the selection process

for All- League, All-Division, All-State, All-Academic, and All-Star Teams.


5.   To offer representation to the membership and to give assistance in the form of a sounding

board to answer various questions which may need resolution.



Section 1.   One gains membership to the RIBCA by being hired as a coach or an assistant coach by a representative school of the Rhode Island Interscholastic league, provided that no dues are delinquent.


2.    Any member can be removed if his or her dues are delinquent for more than twelve (12) months.



Section 1.   The elected officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary/Web Master, and Parliamentarian. The Vice-President automatically becomes the president at the completion of the latter's term of office (two years).


2.   Each League (or Division) shall be represented on the Executive Board or Committee by at least

two (2) elected representatives from each League or Division.

3.   All elected officers and representatives must be selected according to the election rules establish within this constitution. 


4.   The term of each office shall be two years for the President with an optional two years with the approval of the full membership.


5.   League representatives shall serve at least one full two-year term, and have the option to continue

as league representative if they so choose.




Section 1.    The President shall conduct all meetings according to Parliamentary Procedures,

established in Roberts Rules of Order - Revised edition


2.    The Vice-President shall take the place of the President in his absence, and assist the President in any way necessary.


3.    The Secretary/Web Master shall announce meetings to all members, and take minutes of all meetings.

He shall also an update the “Coaches Directory” and maintain the RIBCA on-line site for public and member access. 

4.    The Treasurer shall prepare reports on all financial transactions of the Association.  The Treasurer is authorized to sign checks

for the payment of expenses incurred by the Association. A $50.00 fund shall be available for the President's use. All

expenditures over $50.00 must first be approved by the Executive Board.  The Treasurer, with the approval of three-quarters

of the Executive Board may also regulate yearly dues in order to maintain fiscal solvency of the Association. 

Note: As of the 2015-2016 season, dues for each member of the Association will be $150.00.

  5.    The Parliamentarian will be in charge of parliamentary procedures at all meetings and will make sure that they are

carried out in accordance with the rules and customs of the RIBCA as a deliberative body.  Maintaining the RIBCA

Constitution and By-Laws will be his responsibility when revisions are needed.

6.    League Representatives shall attend all meetings and are full Members of the Executive Board. Their chief function is to

carry out all requests from the Executive Board regarding their respective League or Division.


7.    The Immediate Past President shall be a full member of the Executive Board.




Section 1.  All vacancies are to be filled at the annual Spring Meeting and selectees shall be inducted at that time. All terms of

office shall begin on an odd numbered year (established to avoid conflict with the two-year realignment established by the Interscholastic League). The Executive Board may temporarily fill a vacancy at any time one may arise.  The full membership

will have an opportunity to vote on the vacancy at the  next membership meeting.

2. The president shall serve for two (2) years with an additional two (2) Year option (with Executive Board approval).


3. The Vice-President shall become President at the completion of the President’s term, and a new Vice-President

shall be elected to fill the vacancy.


4. The Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian are filled by the Executive Board with ultimate approval of the Association's membership at the Fall Meeting. More than 50% of the members must be present in order to be retained by the membership.

If unsuccessful, then nominations must be taken and an election held for Spring induction.

5.  All elections shall be under the direction of the Executive Board and achieved by majority vote.



Section 1.   The Association shall have two (2) mandatory meetings of the full membership.

a)    The Fall Meeting – Rules Interpretation Meeting

b)    The Spring Meeting – Annual Coaches Meeting


2.   Special meetings may be called by the President.

3.   All members in good standing may vote.  However, only ONE VOTE PER SCHOOL,

with the head coach determining who shall vote for their school.


4.  The majority of membership shall constitute a quorum.  A quorum must be present to conduct Association business. 




Section 1.   All members of the Executive Board shall have voting rights at Board Meetings.


2.  The Executive Board shall meet at least twice a year prior to full membership meetings

to plan the agenda and address or resolve issues. 


3.  Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President or by any three members.


 4.   The Executive Board shall consist of all officers and League Representatives, along with the Immediate Past President. 


5.   The Executive Board shall carry out all duties assigned to it by the Constitution of the Association. 




Section 1.    The Executive Board shall consult the full membership on all matters pertaining to the Association. 


2.    The Board shall have the following duties:

a)  Establish the following standing committees;

1) Re-alignment

2) Play-offs

3) Banquets/Special Affairs

4) All-Star selection

       5) All-State Committee made up of the Executive Board and each division’s League Representative

6) Hall of Fame Selection

7) Scholarship

Plus, any additional committees when they are needed.

The Chairman of all sub-committees shall be an Executive Board Member selected by the President


 b) To act as a barometer for coaches’ opinions

 c) To stimulate coaches’ interest in activities

d) To organize and carry out elections

 e)  To act as a liaison for coaches with outside groups

 f) (See Article XI, section 2.)








Section 1.   These By-Laws can be amended at any regular meeting of the full membership by two-thirds (2/3) vote to those present, provided that the 

amendment has been submitted in writing to the Association’s President at least two (2) weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting,

so as to have the membership familiarize itself with the amendment by having it placed on the agenda. 


2.   The Executive Board shall tabulate all ballots and votes taken at any meeting.

Original By-Laws Committee:

Donald A. Pastine, Chairman

Richard Rouleau

Roger Berard


Respectfully made current by:

Kent Crooks, Parliamentarian


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